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Stywill Texture Coating has been applying specialty anti-graffiti coatings to a range of surfaces for 25 years, from roads and bridges to railway stations. We can apply water-based, solvent-based, two pack and single pack products, including Nano Technology. Prevention with anti-graffiti paints is always easier than trying to remove or paint over graffiti damage. If you have a new structure or building project, you should invest in anti-graffiti coatings. It will save you tonnes of time & money on graffiti cleanup. Be preemptive and call us today on (02) 9674 9700 to get an anti-graffiti painting quote.

We only use the best in graffiti shield technology. We apply a protective, non-sacrificial barrier to protect from paints, aerosols, inks and more penetrating the surface. Now there is no more need for you to use harsh cleaning agents like bleach, acids or scrubbing pads. Just apply a power washer up to 1000-1500 PSI (depending on your surfaces) to quickly banish graffiti! Preserve your paints and finishes for years to come with our anti-graffiti coating services. Our anti-graffiti shield works on many surfaces such as concrete, brick, painted surfaces, metals, plastics, colourbond steel and more. Additionally, preparing your structure with a water-based, anti-graffiti coating is environmentally friendly. You can wash it off with water & a power washer instead of costly, damaging chemicals.

Without an anti-graffiti coating, it can take hours to clean up graffiti with harsh chemicals and scrubbing, only to still end up with ghosting or remnants! Using harsh chemicals regularly to clean up graffiti can cause long-term damage to bricks, concrete and other materials. Get ahead of the vandals with anti-graffiti painting from Stywill and clean up their mess with a lot more ease. Stop graffiti & other markings from penetrating your paints and finishes with our expert anti-graffiti team. Save the hassle of vandalism cleanup by calling our team, emailing or requesting a quick, no-obligation quote!

Stywill Texture Coating has been trusted with contracts to provide anti-graffiti painting for the King Georges Rd & M5 intersection, the Hunter Expressway, Oatley and Glenfield Railway Stations. Make graffiti cleanup a breeze with an anti-graffiti coating service from Stywill. Our experienced team work as quickly as possible to deliver you the best anti-graffiti results at a competitive price. We also specialise in noise barrier painting, roof restorations and tunnel coating, ask our friendly team at (02) 9674 9700 or by email for a quick, free quote.