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Stywill Texture coating has completed countless roof restoration projects all over the Sydney basin area over the past 30 years. Being a small, well-managed business, we can keep prices very competitive while providing a top-quality result, with no fuss. Don’t replace when you can get it restored by Stywill. We can take years off your aged roof by restoring the tiles. Stywill Roof Restorations enhance your roof’s longevity and minimises future significant repairs and breakages. We only use the highest quality products and tools to provide you with an excellent service for a competitive price. If you have a roof in desperate need of restoration, don’t hesitate to give a call on (02) 9674 9700 or send us a message today to organise a free quote.

If you’re tired of your old, faded or leaking roof give Stywill a call today. We service the Sydney basin area and have completed quality restorations for decades. A professionally restored roof beautifies your home and can help add value to your property if you’re looking to sell. A roof in good condition helps to stop leaks, minimise repairs and keep you and your family safe. We provide a full quote with no hidden fees after a free, detailed roof inspection to assess what work is needed. Save time and money by restoring an aged roof instead of replacing or leaving it and causing more damage. We replace broken tiles, pressure wash to clean off mould and dirt, waterproofing and repaint the roof with a long lasting premium product. We use top-of-the-range locally made roof primers & paint so that your roof looks this fresh for years to come. We thoroughly clean roofs with a pressure washer to remove mould, moss and dirt that could further damage your roof and degrade it faster. The Stywill team are experts in roof restorations. We work professionally and quickly when freshening up your roof. We have worked on hundreds of roofs in the surrounding suburbs of Sydney and always bring our A-game to refresh your aged roof.

Don’t wait for visible leaks and irreparable damage to happen to your roof, get it restored today! Let Stywill fix any minor issues before they snowball into bigger ones. Whether you’re preparing to move, renovating or just want to freshen up your roof, Stywill has you covered. Raise your street appeal with a new looking roof. We can clean your roof of dirt and moss along with waterproofing, replacing cracked tiles and more. Proper roofing is an essential part of your house, not just for its looks. It can cause damage to the rest of your home from leaks and keeps your family protects from extreme weather conditions. Stywill works in compliance with current Australian and state safety and compliance regulations. Save on multiple roof repairs or leakages inside by getting your roof restored by Stywill today! Give our friendly team and call or email to get a no-obligation, competitively priced quote. Our well managed, expert team will get your roof restored as quickly as possible to professional standards.