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Industrial painting in Sydney is no small job. From major highways to tunnels and railways, this city relies on its infrastructure to provide peak performance, each and every day – especially when, on an average weekday, there is roughly 500,000 commuters on the road.

That’s why industrial painting is best left in the hands of the experts at Stywill Texture Coating. We’ve been specialists in road, highway barrier, tunnel and rail painting since 1989, making us one of Sydney’s most established teams.

Stywill Texture Coating are Sydney’s first choice team for industrial painting. Using high-quality equipment, the best industrial painting products on the market, and years of knowledge in texture coating, we’re able to handle any project, no matter the size.

Types of industrial painting available at Stywill Texture Coating

Our motto is simple: we specialise in diversity. When it comes to industrial painting in Sydney, there’s not much we can’t do – and there’s not much we haven’t done! From major highway noise barriers, to tunnels, to railway hubs and more, we have a diverse portfolio of completed jobs.

Some of the main services we offer in industrial painting include:

  • Highway noise barriers
    We’ve been at the forefront of the noise barrier coating industry for over 30 years, and we’re the only company in NSW that specialises in it. We paint highway noise barriers in multiple colours and patterns and use a durable anti-graffiti coating to achieve an excellent visual effect that stays looking great for longer. Stywill Texture Coating has no project size limit, and we have worked on major highway noise barriers such as the NorthConnex motorway and Hume Highway.
  • Tunnel coating
    Tunnels are another area of expertise for our team. We use high-quality, mist-free paint to coat major tunnels, which allows other contractors to simultaneously work alongside us with zero health risks. Our efficient and quality tunnel coating services minimise downtime, which is crucial for major tunnels like the Kings Cross tunnel and NorthConnex dual tunnels – both of which we have been contracted for.
  • Civil construction painting
    We provide civil construction painting across a wide range of applications. From bridges to railway station platforms and everything in between, if you have a civil construction area that needs painting, we’re the team to call.
  • Railway applications
    Railway applications make up a significant portion of our contracted jobs. Stywill Texture Coating provides high-quality industrial coating for renovated railway stations, platforms, tunnels and other areas. We’ve worked on countless railway stations including Marrickville, Sydenham, Ingleburn, Heathcote, Wentworth Falls and several others.

Benefits of choosing Stywill Texture Coating for your industrial painting Sydney

Stywill Texture Coating is one of New South Wales’s only specialists in a diverse range of industrial, civil and commercial painting. Our Sydney industrial painting service comes with myriad advantages, including:

  • A highly experienced team
    We’ve been in the industrial painting industry since 1989, so you’d be hard-pressed to find a more experienced team of professionals than Stywill Texture Coating. Our years of acquired industry knowledge helps us make informed, measured decisions when it comes to unique and complex applications. We consider all the factors that go into your industrial painting job, formulate a plan and execute it with unmatched precision.
  • State-of-the-art industrial painting technology
    Our team of experts uses nothing but the best industrial painting technology in Sydney, including state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-range painting products. From mist-free paints which are ideal for tunnel coating, to water-based paint systems which produce zero overspray, our paint technology is next to none.
  • Servicing nearby states
    While we are located in New South Wales, our industrial painting services are offered to surrounding states – we’ve conducted major works in Queensland, ACT and Victoria.
  • Quality customer service
    You can’t land major civil painting contracts like we do without having A1 customer service. We prioritise our clients’ needs, completing each job on time, to budget, and with excellence.

Examples of previous road and rail painting

We’re grateful for the myriad industrial painting contracts that we’ve earned over the years. Some of our most impressive and major industrial painting contracts include:

  • NorthConnex
    In 2017-2018, we completed industrial painting on the NorthConnex, which is a major motorway in Sydney. We coated noise barrier walls at each end of the tunnel and implemented the now famous Orange Walls on the M2! Overall, we coated almost 30,000m2 of highway wall, overcoming major access issues.
  • M4 Lapstone
    Way back in 2003, we completed anti-graffiti coating on a section of the M4 at Lapstone. The four-colour horizontal design was carried out using Dulux Acra Shield, a high-quality anti-graffiti coating which made it look great and has staved off vandals.
  • Oatley Railway Station upgrade
    In 2016, we completed the Oatley Railway Station upgrade, applying industrial painting to several areas of the station such as walls, columns, pedestrian barriers and walkways. We’ve since completed numerous other railway station upgrades, making us Sydney’s most experienced team in railway texture coating.
  • Glenfield Leppington Rail
    The Glenfield Leppington Rail was a massive job that required over 58,000m2 of concrete to be painted – the project itself spanned over a whopping 12km! This 2013 industrial painting contract is certainly one we’ll remember forever.

If you’re looking for a professional team of industrial painters in Sydney, look no further than Stywill Texture Coating. We have been coating highway barrier noise walls, tunnels and railway areas for over 30 years, having worked on major NSW and QLD projects such as the M5, NorthConnex, the M4, the Hume Highway and the Bangor Bypass. STC are masters of intricate and detailed texture coating jobs, overcoming location challenges, access blockages, time constraints to get your job done right at all costs. Get in touch with Stywill Texture Coating for quotes or to learn more.