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At Stywill Texture Coating, one of our areas of expertise is in the application of exterior Granosite® texture coating, painting large commercial projects by the kilometre, or small residential in the form of sound barrier walls. Sound barrier walls offer a significant reduction in noise from traffic on roads and freeways, making them an important addition to busy Australian cities. Our projects can be seen throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

What Is a Sound Barrier Wall?

Sound barrier walls offer an acoustic barrier to reduce the noise of traffic for the residents, industries, and businesses in the surrounding areas. Comprised of panels of reinforced steel inside aerated concrete, sound barrier walls can even be enhanced with decorative patterns. The modular concept makes these walls easy and fast to install. When painted with high-quality paint by the Stywill Texture Coating team, the final product becomes a noise-reducing architectural feature rather than a dreary eyesore.

Our Paint System

In order to paint these sound barrier walls, Stywill Texture Coating employs an airless texture and spray unit which is a mist-free, paint system with no over-spray. This system minimises the time required to mask-up while ensuring minimal disruption to other companies working on site.

Our Paint

For all our projects, we use high quality water-based, Granosite® texture coating which stands up to the elements. Coastal cities with high salt content in the air, carbon dioxide, and UV exposure can degrade your building, paintwork, and sound barriers. This high-performance coating minimises the maintenance necessary to keep your walls and sound barriers in top shape.

High Standard of Work

Through our efficient mist-free paint system we are able to work quickly while maintaining a high standard of work. With over 30 years of industry experience, we work easily on-site with other trades as they can multi-task and work close to our team. Our mist-free paint system ultimately ensures a shorter timeline, bringing down the cost of the project because other teams are able to work within our vicinity.

Benefits of Our Sound Barrier Paint Work

More than aesthetic appeal, Stywill Texture Coating provides a painting service with a variety of benefits:

  • Our work is precise, without sacrificing time
  • We work easily with other teams of builders
  • Our prices are competitive
  • We also offer an anti-graffiti coating
  • Our water-based paint is eco-friendly
  • We complete our projects within budget and on time.


Our services are used by a range of road authorities, developers and councils and our portfolio speaks for itself.

Throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria our high standard of work can be seen on – amongst others – the:

  • King Georges Rd & M5 Intersection
  • M4 Emu Plains
  • M4 Olympic Wall
  • M4 Glenmore Park East
  • M5 Motorway
  • M2 Motorway.

Stywill Texture Coating also provide other services such as roof restoration and tunnel coating in commercial and residential projects. There is no project too big or too small for our professional team. For more information, advice, or an obligation free quote, get in touch with Stywill Texture Coating today.