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Specialists in the application of exterior Granosite® paint, Stywill Texture Coating paint, noise attenuation walls amongst other types of projects. These walls typically line busy roads and freeways with the express purpose of reducing the noise pollution caused by traffic. We have painted noise attenuation walls throughout Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. While these walls are kilometres long, we take on projects of all sizes.

What Is a Noise Attenuation Wall?

Noise attenuation walls reduce the amount of noise that would otherwise reach homes, businesses, and industries on the other side of the wall. They do this by absorbing and scattering the sound of the traffic. These walls are usually modular, consisting of panels of concrete supported internally by reinforced steel. Some noise attenuation wall companies go so far as to offer aesthetic enhancement through decorative patterns. Fast and easy to install, these walls are best complimented by the work of Stywill Texture Coating team. Our high-quality paint and workmanship add the finishing touch.

Our Paint System

Using a mist-free, airless spray unit, Stywill Texture Coating paints kilometres of noise attenuation walls with ease, accuracy and speed. With no over-spray, this system decreases the time required for preparation and ensures as little disruption to other traders as possible. This makes it easier for other trade teams to work on-site at the same time.

Our Paint

With high-quality Granosite® texture coating, our projects a stronger against the elements. Towns and cities with high levels of carbon dioxide, high salt content in the air, or with high UV exposure will experience faster degradation of their architectural structures, including their noise attenuation walls. Our paint, however, keeps your walls in good condition for longer, with minimal maintenance.

High Standard of Work

Stywill Texture Coating’s extensive industry experience and efficient mist-free paint system ensure that we are able to maintain a high standard of work while working quickly. Because our paint is water-based and the system ensures a mist-free workspace, other teams of traders are able to work in close vicinity to us. The end result is a shortened timeline and a lower project cost.

Benefits of Our Paint Work

Stywill Texture Coating offers more than the average painting service, there are many other benefits to our work:

  • We are competitively priced
  • We use eco-friendly water-based paint
  • We work precisely, to a high standard of workmanship
  • We work quickly and easily with other trades
  • Anti-graffiti coating is also available

Our Projects

With over 30 years of industry experience, we have worked hand-in-hand with developers, road authorities and councils in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales to achieve incredible results.

Our portfolio consists of:

  • M5 Motorway
  • Hume Highway
  • M4 Emu Plains
  • Tungun Bypass
  • King George Road and M5 Intersection
  • M4 Olympic Wall

You can count on Stywill Texture Coating for fast, reliable, precision paintwork. Our other services include tunnel coating, roof restoration and anti-graffiti coating. We take on projects big and small, in residential and commercial settings. For advice, more information or a free quote, contact us today.