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Along with Stywill Texture Coating’s noise barrier wall painting we are experts in tunnel coating. Stywill can provide mist-free paint systems to tunnel soffits. This innovative technique allows other trades to work in close proximity to our work areas. This is vital for trades multitasking and can help bring your project cost & length down significantly. Our expert team have been working on tunnel coating projects in NSW, QLD and VIC for over 25 years. Inquire with our friendly team at (02) 9674 9700 about how we can help you finish your next project at budget and in time.

Stywill has purchased and are refining a water-based paint system which produces no over-spray. This is the key for our success in the tunnel coating industry. Other trades can work alongside us, helping the project be completed in a cost & time efficient manner. Stywill Texture Coating have been contracted to paint many tunnels including the Kings Cross Tunnel ceilings and the NorthConnex dual tunnels, linking the M1and meaning less time wasted masking up and minimal disruptions to other trades. This was a major contributing factor in the project being completed under budget and within the prescribed time.