How Does Anti-Graffiti Paint Work?

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How Does Anti-Graffiti Paint Work?

We all know that magic doesn’t exist, but in this day and age, we can come mighty close to it. Scientific research is the next best thing to magic, and when it results in products like anti-graffiti coatings, you can forget about wands and wizards and Hogwarts. In this post, we explain the magic of anti-graffiti paint work.

Anti-graffiti coatings explained

While anti-graffiti coatings can’t make it impossible for paint to stick to your wall or building, they do make it incredibly easy to wash off. Non-sacrificial coatings, the choice of a professional team like Stywill Texture Coating, are permanent and can be clear. Clear two-pack anti-graffiti coatings impart a distinct gloss or sheen on your building. This change in substrate appearance is only an issue if the coating is not applied on the entire wall, but only up to a certain height.

Super easy to clean

When you apply a layer of anti-graffiti protective coating on a part of your building, it will make it remarkably easy to clean up in the event that your wall does get targeted by vandals. When vandals attempt graffiti on this protective coating, just apply a power washer up to 1000-1500 PSI (depending on your surfaces) to quickly get rid of graffiti.

This saves you from spending unnecessary dollars on expensive cleaning agents and from scrubbing really hard to try to remove the graffiti. It can be particularly dangerous to do this if graffiti is up high, or in an awkward spot.

Wall art and murals

Anti-graffiti coatings also work to protect wall art and murals. These coatings are colour-free and are very versatile. It’s definitely worth protecting your mural using an anti-graffiti coating, as you may have paid a lot of money for having it done.

In addition to murals and wall art, Stywill Texture Coating can also apply anti-graffiti agents to highway barriers, overpasses, all sorts of brick walls, school yards and bus stops.

Why anti-graffiti coatings are more effective than CCTV

Having extra surveillance won’t help when graffiti does occur on your building – you’ll still need to scrub it off for hours unless you’ve applied an anti-graffiti coating. This means that anyone in a hood or jacket could cover up their face and graffiti your building, with a low risk of getting caught. That’s why it’s better to have an active preventative for when graffiti does occur.

Stywill Texture Coating have applied their proven anti-graffiti coatings to buildings throughout the Sydney Basin area. They’ve saved businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in repainting and clearing graffiti from their walls. Get in touch with the professionals at Stywill Texture Coating and be graffiti-ready today.

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