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Stywill Texture Coating Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of noise wall painting for 30 years. We have expertly and quickly completed projects in NSW, SA, VIC & QLD. A noise barrier (also known as a sound wall, noise wall or sound barrier) is needed to on busy roads to reduce noise pollution to nearby areas. Stywill Texture Coating is the only company in New South Wales that specialises in this sort of operation. We can paint multiple colours, patterns and use a durable and anti-graffiti coating to make your noise barrier wall look and stay fabulous. No matter how many kilometres long your project is, we strive to complete it as efficiently and professionally as possible. Contact our expert team today for a free quote for your next noise barrier project.

Noise barriers are a necessity for highways and other large roads to reduce the noise for nearby residents. At Stywill, we use innovative technology to overcome a range of hard to access spots and application problems, such as bridges, tunnels and barriers backing onto residential facing areas. We have worked on many different noise barrier walls including on the M5, NorthConnex, the M4, the Hume Highway and the Bangor Bypass. We coated 15,000 m2 on the M2 with some major access issues overcome! We can paint on an array of surfaces including concrete, cement render, fibre-cement sheeting, steel and more. Our high-performance premium paints are designed for long-lasting finishes and can withstand the high-pressure environment of an exposed highway. We also supply anti-graffiti coatings to deter vandals and for easy cleanup on these high target areas. Stywill Texture Coating can create smooth and profiled surfaces or add in interesting textures on your noise barrier walls. We have been contracted by many reputable companies including Lend Lease, Theiss Pty Ltd, Transfield Services and Laing O’Rourke Pty Ltd. Just ask our friendly team at (02) 9674 9700 or email us at for a competitively priced quote for your upcoming build.